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Our First Newsletter, We Hope it brings you value.
How Much Does the Lake Water Level Drop?
Keeping the Leaves out of the Lake
West Hill Lake Shore Property Owner's Association Water Quality Committee
Don't Move Firewood Please!
We're really excited about the Long Range Planning initiated by the WHLSPOA Committee for Water Quality organized this past January. The Committee met several times since forming, outlining a long range plan for water quality protection. Short term they have tasked themselves with producing best practices - real common sense guidance - designed to help us think about alternatives for doing many activities we commonly perform on our properties in the watershed.

  • Autumn cleanup? - here are some pointers that just make common sense about collecting leaves and preventing erosion.
  • Poison ivy taking over? Here are some alternatives for getting it under control without poisoning the environment.
  • Waterfront work required? Here are some considerations from the regulatory agencies you'll need to contact and some ideas for making a long-lasting and environmentally friendly improvement.
  • Redesigning your landscaping? - they're putting together ideas to consider to reduce maintenance and protect the lake.
Our heartfelt thanks go out to the committee - Steve Unger, Pete Humphrey, Joe Welker, David Miner, Bill Adamsen, Stash Karoliszyn, Sue Hall, Skip Sly, Mary Hourdequin and Bill Adamsen for their initiative.

This is our first newsletter and we hope you find it informative. Thanks for your patience!
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